Shoe Reviews

Running everyday is important to me, and thus running shoes are an integral part of my everyday life. Every shoe featured in my weekly review are straight from my very own running shoe rotation. Details on each model are curated to reflect my personal experience with each shoe. I’ve also been working in run shops fitting shoes since 2010. Strapping a piece of foam onto your foot and expecting satisfaction can be tricky. Making no claims to be a shoe prognosticator, I maintain faith that this review will serve as an insightful attempt at demystifying running shoe idiosyncrasies.

I’m blessed to have built relationships through shoe fittings with thousands of active folks over the years. To this day, I’m uplifted by the gratitude exuded by my many clients who’ve identified with a fresh pair of running shoes that inspire them to go further and faster. Navigating the complex footwear landscape can be a gamechanger for runners of all stripes. Through these ‘discussions from the fitting stool’, I hope to provide a unique insight into the fit, feel, and performance of each shoe in my review.