Baby’s Got Sauce

Effective healthy eating is fairly straightforward. Simple ingredients, limited processing, and patient cook times. Hot sauce and siracha are my mainstays. Red peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, salt, and water. No fat, no cholesterol, just flavor. Healthy grains including bulgur, barley, couscous love a good old fashioned dowsing in hot sauce. For a boost of probiotics, stir your favorite hot sauce into non-fat greek yogurt. This combo makes for great dipping sauces for meats.

In a recent NPR segment entitled ‘In Home of Original Siracha Sauce, Thai’s Say Rooster Brand is Nothing to Crow About’, a valid point is made regarding the overemphasized contribution of ‘heat’ within Americanized Siracha. “It’s not mixed together properly. There’s only one taste.” Saowanit says a proper Sriracha sauce needs to be what Thais call klom klom — the hotness, the sour, the sweet and the garlic all blending together seamlessly, none overpowering the other. The American version, she says, just brings heat.

And she’s totally on the money. My go to for noodle bowls, rice dishes, or simply eggs for breakfst had always been the Rooster brand. I mean how could you not. The Rooster is ubiquitous, and frankly has the U.S. market firmly in it’s grasp. Many a tasty meal has deteriorated into profuse sweating, unexpected stomach smasms, and downright overwhelmed the flavor of the meal itself. Too much spice!

Morning barley bowl featuring chopped purple cabbage, shredded cheese, fresh ground pepper, and topped with fried egg and finished with Frank’s RedHot.

Admittedly I’ve yet to try the Sriraja Panich mentioned in the NPR piece. Lately however, I’ve discovered my new sauce obsession. If you’ve not tried the Texas Pete ‘Cha’ Siracha, you need to abandon your present activity and skip to the grocery immediately. The kicker for me is the pronounced sweet, tangy flavor that gently masks the heat. In turn, you’ve got a delicious complement to tasty food rather than a heatwave to overwhelm it. Apply in abundance just like Ketchup… don’t forget to lick your fingers friends.