‘Pinching the Skin: A Love Story’

Anybody that's ever donned compression hose or medical grade sports compression wear can attest to the arduous labor required to outfit this hosiery on oneself. During an effort to assist a client with proper application of compression socks, I was once struck upside the head by hand of the very gentleman I was attempting to … Continue reading ‘Pinching the Skin: A Love Story’

‘The Tip: My First and Final’

I've always admired the warmth and excitment of running specialty stores. It's like a safe haven, an embassy of sorts. Running shops are bastions of familiarity and endless possibility. You could be in Tokyo, Toronto, or Tampa and all alike they dabble in the language of running. Colorful products tantilize the senses, friendly store associates … Continue reading ‘The Tip: My First and Final’